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Latrobe Valley Mines The Latrobe Valley is the centre of Victoria’s energy industry, and is responsible for over 80% of the electrical power supplied to the state. The mines described below are thermal power stations , which convert heat into electricity.Latrobe Valley Coal Mines - Earth Resources,Latrobe Valley Coal Mines. Modernising Coal Mine Regulation in Victoria. The Board of Inquiry established on 21 March 2014 to inquire into, and report on, a range of issues associated with the Hazelwood mine fire made a range of recommendations toLignite/ Brown Coal - Earth Resources - Home,Victoria hosts 430 billion tonnes of brown coal, representing a significant proportion of the world’s brown coal endowment. More than 80 per cent of Victoria’s resource is located in the Gippsland Basin (South East Victoria), with seams in the Latrobe Valley region containing an estimated,

Latrobe Valley community demands clarity about future of,

Hazelwood is the oldest brown coal power station in the Latrobe Valley, with power stations also at Yallourn and Loy Yong. Hazelwood is one of Australia's worst polluting power stations.Advanced Lignite Demonstration Program - SourceWatch,The Advanced Lignite Demonstration Program is a $90 million federal and Victorian state program which was announced in early August 2012. The program was established to "develop and deploy emerging technology to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions intensity of lignite (brown coal), improve the,Latrobe Valley - Wikipedia,The Latrobe Valley is an inland geographical district and urban area of the Gippsland region in the state of Victoria,,coal-fired power stations and mines in the Latrobe Valley area.,specifically the mining and burning of brown coal to produce electricity.

Engie Australia denies reports Hazelwood will close - ABC News

The Hazelwood mine operator Engie is playing down suggestions the Latrobe Valley brown-coal power station will be shut down. The company's chief executive Isabelle Kocher has told a French senate,LATROBE VALLEY SUSTAINABILITY GROUP OPPOSITION TO,hear of the announcement of the opening up for tender to companies to export brown coal from much of the Latrobe Valley and Gippsland. In so doing, the State Government isArtificial soils could be key in rehabilitation of Latrobe,,"We have been in discussions with the three companies operating coal mines in the Latrobe Valley and we look forward to working closely with them to find ways to rehabilitate those sites," he said.

Latrobe Valley brown coal mine bonds increased in,

Victoria's big brown coal players will each have to stump up tens of millions of dollars as extra security for the eventual clean up of their Latrobe Valley mines, with the Andrews government,The discover e of lect icity - CitiPower and Powercor,Latrobe Valley brown coal has a very complicated make up with many fossilised remains mixed in with the decomposed material. The recognisable remains are mainly fossil woods (trunks, branches and stems), fossil leaves, bark, fruit, seeds, spores and pollen grains, and resin.Latrobe Valley brown coal: They wanna make them go to,,A giant dredging machine at work in the brown coal mine at Loy Yang in the Latrobe Valley. Credit: John Woudstra The final report from the Hazelwood fire inquiry board, which was released by the,

Accessing Victoria’s brown coal resources

Accessing Victoria’s brown coal resources Clean Coal Victoria,The majority of the as yet unallocated brown coal in the Latrobe Valley lies in the exemption area. The,The Victorian coal mines that currently supply the State‟s electricity were privatised in the mid 1990s.THE CHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF VICTORIAN BROWN,The chemical characteristics of Latrobe Valley brown coals have been extensively studied over the last twenty-five years, primarily in relation to the effect of coalBrown coal funding in limbo | Latrobe Valley Express,Brown Coal Innovation Australia will have to determine whether it can continue to exist if the state government does not resume funding for its research and development projects for Latrobe Valley coal.

Case History No. 9.1. Latrobe Valley, Victoria, Australia,

The excavation of brown coal for the generation of electricity and production of briquettes commenced in the Latrobe Valley some 50 years ago. The coal is won from open cuts, theLatrobe Valley Brown Coal Mine Batter Stability Research,,Large and expanding brown coal mines in the Latrobe Valley provide an increased challenge for the assessment of mine slope stability risks and the implementation of risk control measures.Victoria's plans for hydrogen exports to Japan are 'way of,,Victorian government plans to work with a Japanese company to produce hydrogen from brown coal in the Latrobe Valley are “a way of making brown coal look green”, according to one expert.

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The move away from coal-powered energy may be good for the environment, but a shift without planning could spell disaster for communities in the Latrobe Valley, where the soon-to-be shut Hazelwood,Victoria to boost brown coal mining - Australian Mining,Brown Coal Innovation Australia was created primarily to find practical solutions brown coal mining and usage and Gurney explains that while there are some issues, the industry remains committed,13. La Trobe Valley Tertiary Brown Coal Deposits | VRO,,Excavation and widening of the brown coal open cut mines is consistent with the preservation of clear and unweathered sections of the La Trobe Valley Coal Measures. Several areas should be selected and reserved by the S.E.C. to display the thickness and structure of the Coal measures and the stratigraphy of the overburden and the underlying,

Scope for a Latrobe Valley Mine Closure Strategy

Scope for a Latrobe Valley Mine Closure Strategy globalskm PAGE 4 2. Situational Analysis 2.1 Mine sites in the Latrobe Valley Victoria has approximately 430 1 billion tonnes of premier brown coal reserves of which 65 billion tonnes are located in the Latrobe Valley.Brown Coal - AIMR 2011 - Australian Mines Atlas,Australian brown coal or lignite is a low rank, low ash, high moisture content coal. In Australia, brown coal is currently considered unsuitable for export and isAustralia Morwell Coal Seam Mine Fire, True Story,The grass fire ignited a brown coal seam, resulting,The Morwell open-cut mine is located in Victoria, within the Latrobe Valley, just southeast of Melbourne. The mine is a critical source of the brown coal used as fuel for the nearby Hazelwood power genera -,Australia Morwell Coal Seam Mine

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The Statement on Future Uses of Brown Coal provides clarity to industry and local communities about uses of Victoria’s brown coal reserves in a low-emissions setting. The policy supports projects that create highly-skilled jobs and boost investment in areas like the Latrobe Valley and Gippsland.Energy in Victoria - Wikipedia,Energy in Victoria, Australia is generated using a number of fuels or technologies, including coal, natural gas and renewable energy sources. Brown coal is the main primary energy source for the generation of electricity in the state, accounting for about 85% of electricity generation. [1]Brown coal mine uses to be discussed | Latrobe Valley Express,Future uses for the Latrobe Valley's three brown coal mines will be discussed next week during a question and answer session in Morwell. Community members have been invited to attend the two-hour session on Wednesday night where a range of representatives, including the region's three brown coal operators, will field questions.

Victoria to appoint Latrobe Valley Mine Rehabilitation,

The Victorian Government has introduced a bill to appoint a new commissioner to supervise the Latrobe Valley Mine Rehabilitation, following the Hazelwood mine fire in 2014.REPORT Briefing Paper on Coal Seam Gas in the Latrobe Valley,REPORT Briefing Paper on Coal Seam Gas in the Latrobe Valley Prepared for Latrobe City Council .,The brown coal in the Latrobe Valley is found near the surface in multiple seams, each up to 100 metres,Briefing Paper on Coal Seam Gas in the Latrobe Valley .Book - Latrobe Valley Brown Coal Resources: Geology,,* Geology of the Latrobe Valley Coalfield by C.S. Gloe * Developments in Equipment USed for Overburden Removal and Coal Winning in the Brown Coal Industry by H.C.G. Rodgers / J.M. Alexander * Development of Methods for Use of Punch Cards in the Recording of Drill Clogs in the Exploration for Brown Coal by H.E.C. Beer

Hazelwood’s closure calls for a rethink on Latrobe Valley,

Past attempts to help Latrobe Valley workers weather economic changes haven't made a difference, so the closure of Hazelwood presents a challenge.Yallourn North, Victoria - Wikipedia,Yallourn North is a small country town in the City of Latrobe, Victoria, Australia.It is approximately eight kilometres north-east of Moe, and 146 kilometres south-east of Melbourne.Prior to 1947 Yallourn North was known as "Brown Coal Mine". The Post Office opened on 3 September 1917 as Brown Coal Mine and was renamed Yallourn North in 1947.The Hazelwood closure and the future of the Latrobe Valley,,The Hazelwood closure and the future of the Latrobe Valley The coal fire had been burning for 33 days when I arrived in the town of Morwell, 150 kilometres east of Melbourne. Government officials were conducting house visits in face-masks, helicopters buzzed the power plant in the near distance.

Latrobe Valley, Victoria, Australia: A world class brown,

The Latrobe Valley brown coalfields are situated some 150 km east of Melbourne in the State of Victoria, Australia. The brown coals of the Latrobe Valley were deposited within the Gippsland Basin of Victoria, Australia, during the Eocene to Late Miocene.THE CHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF VICTORIAN BROWN,The chemical characteristics of Latrobe Valley brown coals have been extensively studied over the last twenty-five years, primarily in relation to the effect of coalEnvironment Victoria | $300 million increase in mine,,Today’s announcement by the Andrews government of an increase to the mine rehabilitation bonds for the Latrobe Valley coal mines is a strong move to protect Victoria’s taxpayers from major financial risk and to ensure mine clean-up delivers positive outcomes for the environment and the Latrobe Valley.

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30 July 2014 Tom Arup, SMH The Energy Brix brown coal power plant and briquette factory in the Latrobe Valley will be mothballed, with up 70 jobs to be made redundant as a result.,,

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